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Christmas Reflections

Posted by on December 17, 2014 in

As we approach the end of another year, it’s a time when many of us will reflect on all that God has accomplished in and through us during the past […]

Masterworks announces Open Doors as newest client & partner

Posted by on December 10, 2014 in

Masterworks is pleased to welcome Open Doors USA to our vibrant client family. Founded in 1955 by Brother Andrew, Open Doors works in the world’s most oppressive countries, strengthening Christians […]

Let’s Collaborate: The Basics of a Great Client Relationship

Posted by on December 3, 2014 in

Recently at an offsite team activity, we were asked to evaluate what’s working and not working in our client relationships. I immediately recalled the working relationship I have with one of […]

Creative culture: Telling the truth and other things to remember every day

Posted by on November 24, 2014 in

An orange sticky note stuck to the left side of my computer monitor here at Masterworks bears three simple reminders: I read these words every morning when I arrive at […]

Finding fundraising offers that work: what YOU need to know

Posted by on November 12, 2014 in ,

How do non-profit organizations find and develop truly new fundraising offers? Offers need to represent what the organization DOES — what they do with the donor’s money and the impact that […]

Reflecting on “Bi-Annuals”

Posted by on November 6, 2014 in ,

Twice a year at Masterworks, we dedicate a full week for our executive team and senior leaders to review each of our clients that we serve. We call these “Bi-Annuals.” […]

Getting to the root issue: the 5 Whys

Posted by on October 22, 2014 in ,

“Why daddy?” If you’re a parent, you are no doubt familiar with this dreaded question. But here’s the reason it’s to be feared — it never just stops at the […]

Keeping up with the digital Joneses

Posted by on October 15, 2014 in ,

Have you noticed that constant feeling of being a couple steps behind in digital? You’re not alone. The speed of change is increasing every day. It can be dizzying. In […]

Is there a silver bullet for acquisition?

Posted by on October 8, 2014 in ,

While most organizations are still making direct mail work in acquisition, some are mixing it up with online and/or other channels. But almost all non-profits are finding no shortcuts — […]

Mission Aviation Fellowship joins the Masterworks client family

Posted by on October 3, 2014 in

Masterworks is excited to announce a fundraising and marketing partnership with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF). The ministry’s mission is to share the love of Jesus Christ through aviation and technology […]