The Post-Election Giving Outlook

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On the heels of one of the most controversial presidential races, an election upset that stunned the media and had stock markets reeling from the uncertainty of a ‘Trumped’ future…fundraisers … Read More

The Election Year Fundraising Myth

Posted by on May 24, 2016 in

Every election year, non-profit organizations inevitably start worrying about what to do differently to protect revenue and avoid losing valuable donors. Suspicion builds about the growing attention to the Presidential … Read More

Vital Signs

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What’s the first thing that happens when you visit your doctor? Someone comes into the examining room and takes your temperature, blood pressure, pulse and respiration — they’re called vital signs. … Read More

Scope Neglect: We don’t get big numbers

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How much would you donate to save 2,000 migratory birds from drowning in oil ponds? How about to save 20,000 birds? 200,000? In one study, three groups were asked these … Read More

I want to know what Under Armour wants to know

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I’ve long been fascinated with Under Armour, despite the fact that I own only a couple of their products. In my athletic pursuits, I typically use competitors’ more specialized gear. … Read More

Driving Your Results in 2016: 4 Trends to Watch

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With another holiday season behind us, and 2016 freshly upon us, it’s customary for us to step back and look forward. With 2016 full of possibility, what will it hold … Read More

The ups and downs of giving

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When donors have less (or are afraid of having less) they give less. Charitable giving is generally correlated with (and enabled by) many socioeconomic factors. The most common and intuitive … Read More

It’s time to celebrate…you!

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In this season of celebration, as the year-end fast approaches, we at Masterworks take this moment to pause and celebrate…you.  We celebrate you, your life, your accomplishments and, especially, the … Read More

Confirmation Bias: Make your donors feel awesome

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Let’s play a numbers game. I’m going to give you a three number sequence. These three numbers follow a rule. I want you to try to figure out the rule … Read More

Anchoring Effect: We get stuck on little numbers

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Is the height of the tallest redwood tree more or less than 1,200 feet? What is your best guess about the height of the tallest redwood tree? Anchoring Effect If … Read More

3 keys to building a successful sustainer program

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At Masterworks, we’re big fans of sustainer programs. Sustainers can stabilize your ministry’s cash flow and provide a hedge against external events, like an economic downturn. But we acknowledge that … Read More

The Nonexistent Broccoli Pilot

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From FastCompany: “Ever since the introduction of mandatory fruits and vegetables for schoolchildren, kids have eaten less of them than before. The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act, introduced in 2010 and … Read More