Keep Your Eyes on the Road and Your Donors in the Fold

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We’re going to talk about brand. In just a second. First, we’re going to talk about cycling crashes. In case you didn’t know, there are 2 types of bike crashes: … Read More

Branding: the Secret to Better Fundraising

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View the recorded webinar here! You’re hearing about branding today more than ever before. Everyone seems to be doing it. Some tell you it will help your ministry stand out … Read More

Connecting branding to fundraising

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Is your brand clear, compelling and consistent? Do your fundraising offers faithfully represent your brand? When branding and fundraising support each other, guess what? Your donors will respond. The chatter … Read More

Brand strategy is about more than vision. It’s about results.

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Fast Company on the power of a visionary brand: [V]isionary brands market something much more compelling than what they have to sell today. They champion a long-term vision for something … Read More

Volkswagen’s Deception: A Parable of Trust

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Volkswagen is in a world of hurt these days. Apparently blatant deception doesn’t do well for your brand. You may be thinking, “How could Volkswagen’s situation impact my non-profit?” Gerry … Read More

Why organizations need branding for fundraising

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I’ve seen a lot of comments lately about how branding can kill your fundraising. Critics write about how a focus on image and positioning disregards the needs of donors. How … Read More

Incubate or die: bringing the future to fundraising

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Most of what we do in non-profit fundraising is optimization. We’ve found some formulas that work well, and we’re constantly working to make them better. Together we’ve changed millions of … Read More

Part 7: The wrong way to do brand research

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Previously, we’ve looked at the importance of brand research and why the most common mistake organizations make is to not do it at all. We’ve also seen how some organizations … Read More

Part 6: To know yourself is not enough

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“Know thyself.” These words worked well as a maxim written on the Temple of Apollo at Delphi and later used by Plato in reference to sayings of Socrates. Every organization … Read More

Part 5: Brands built on sand

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Before we proceed with our discussion on brand research, let’s step back and look at where that research is taking you. In Matthew 7:24-27, Jesus tells the parable of two … Read More

Part 4: Don’t forget brand research

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We’ll spend the next few posts in the series focusing on brand research. But first, let’s recall a few things about your brand in general. First, your brand is more … Read More

Part 3: Costs

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In my first branding post, we looked at how hard it is for non-profit organizations to carry out an effective branding (or rebranding) process due to the complexity of the … Read More