Services designed to inspire generosity. We work with you to create innovative, effective strategies that grow your ministry.


Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing capitalizes on contacting donors directly and showing them they matter to your organization. It’s still the most effective form of fundraising. And Masterworks has been figuring out the best way to optimize Direct Marketing for over 25 years. We’re developing better strategies, better offers…for better results.


Digital Marketing

A digital presence is so important in a world where everyone is plugged in and online every hour of every day. Whether it’s a desktop, tablet or another mobile device. And our experienced team works to create a web presence that gives potential and current donors an unforgettable experience. It’s about making sure the first impression is a lasting impression.



Our Analytics team will figure out your best strategy for gaining, cultivating and retaining donors. We analyze, interpret and understand the data that’s causing certain trends. Then we shape a plan that will work specifically for your organization. It’s more than dollars and cents, it’s about understanding what drives your ministry and donors.



What is unique about your ministry? Branding makes sure you stand out from the crowd.  Our branding experts help you understand who you are and how to share your story in the most compelling way. Brand is the face and heart of your ministry. And when your brand shines, donors are inspired.


Experience Design

Experiences matter. From when a donor gives online to how they feel at a live event. Every interaction adds to their perception of your organization. These experiences must work together. We help you do this, whether by fine-tuning an existing experience or creating a new one from scratch.



Mass communication is vital in fundraising, but it’s only a part of the equation. Some people need a more personalized approach to feel connected. Our goal is to connect your potential donor to your organization in a deep and meaningful way. Which inspires people to be generous.